Swansea Youth in Port Talbot Church

On Sabbath 7th March, Swansea Church was invited to put on a program for Port Talbot Church. Swansea gladly accepted this invitation as it was a great way to bring our two churches together as we fellowship with one another in the presence of God. The event granted all the opportunity to worship as one singing praises to God all throughout the day. It also presented an opportunity where members could meet new friends with which we could strengthen our walk with God.

The Sabbath school lesson was presented to us by Owen who provided a thought provoking lesson on how we may sometimes put on ‘masks’ to try and conceal our faults to God or even our peers. He gave an insight into how, as followers of God, we need to remove these masks with which we try to hide ourselves behind and let go of anything that could potentially hinder our relationship with God.

The same intensity that was witnessed during Sabbath School continued on through to the divine service. All were blessed by the sermon given to us by Elder Lil entitled ‘The Cross’ where the congregation was invigorated by the reminder of what Jesus’ sacrifice really means to us. He sacrificed Himself for all our sins and died, so that we might live.

Swansea youth put on an exhilarating mock trial scenario where members of both Swansea and Port Talbot church were put on the spot in an effort to get the members to stand up for their beliefs. The defendants’ had to backup all claims from the bible in order to win over the stern judges’ approval. It was great to see so many members willing to stand up and argue for what they feel was right; it was a real inspiration for all to witness. All praise must go to God for giving us this opportunity to showcase our love and appreciation for all he has done. For it is He who gives us the knowledge and the strength to stand up for what is right and it is our prayer that he will continue to do so, all year round.



Tyler Gordon


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