Rhianna Chellew was 36 hours old when she was flown from Wales to Scotland by a RAF Hercules aircraft on a 700 mile mercy mission. She had stopped breathing, went limp and turned blue. She was diagnosed with a rare condition which meant she could not get enough oxygen in her blood. Rhianna was treated in Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for sick children in an incubator with specialist equipment. But 3 weeks later Rhianna was well enough to go home.

Now 8 years later, after leading a relatively normal healthy life, Rhianna has been diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma (Brain Tumour) and is soon to receive radiotherapy treatment at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff. Hopefully Rhianna will then take part in clinical trials called Convection Enhanced Delivery at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Various enterprises are being conducted to raise funds for Rhianna and her family to travel back and forth to Cardiff and Bristol from their home in Manselton Swansea, for Rhianna to receive treatment.

Whilst connecting with the community, Swansea Church visited Rhianna and her family.

However Pastor Jovan Adamovic and member Eduardo Alves de Jesus were received with apprehension and uneasiness. But the family was soon reassured that Swansea Church was genuinely interested in supporting the family and requested their permission to pray for Eduardo is originally from Brazil and lives in Swansea with his wife Nina and their daughter Thaina. He is improving his English language daily but struggles at times  to express himself.

Eduardo was deeply moved by the plight of this family and he had no intention of letting the language barrier affect his overwhelming desire to help Rhianna.

On 19 July 2015 Eduardo Alves de Jesus got on his bike and cycled from Swansea to London and back, doing a journey of 500 miles in two days and raised £1050 for Rhianna and her family.  The Chellew family was delighted and very grateful for the support and has asked Swansea Church to continue to pray for them.

Eduardo and Swansea Church will continue to support the family and would like to request prayers for Rhianna and her family. All donations will be gratefully received and should be forwarded to Pastor Jovan Adamovic, Swansea Church, or Pastor John Surridge, President of the Welsh Mission.

Mary Latchman

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