Response to Brexit Vote

Many students of Bible prophecy see ‘Brexit’ as a fulfilment of the prophecy of Daniel 2:43 predicting that the various nations of Europe ‘shall not cleave’ one to the other. This is well expressed by an Adventist Review TV special released today.

However, while it is prophesied that Europe will have both strength and weaknesses, and while attempts to bring unity as under the Roman empire will never succeed, Pastor Ian Sweeney, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK & Ireland notes that “this does not relieve us of our responsibility to promote unity, love and commonwealth among all people!” He notes that “The prophecy of Daniel 2 does not mean that we should not fight against divisions that are borne of racism, prejudice, self-interest and the like. Jesus once said that the poor will always be among us (John 12.8), however, this was not to say that we should just accept poverty without working to relieve it!”

[TED Adventist]