14th March 2015, the weekend of Mother’s Day saw the children spring into action to bring a smile to the faces of mothers throughout the congregation and the community. During the service, they blessed everyone with a light-hearted song, and proceeded to hand out roses to all mothers. Later the children went to the nearest nursing home and handed out roses to all the residents. This touched the residents as not all are expecting family to come down for Mother’s Day. Sometimes it takes so little to light up someone’s day!

The day was also complimented with a guest speaker, Victor Pilmoor, the treasurer of the British Union Conference. He kept up the good spirits and atmosphere by speaking about encouragement and the importance of setting aside judgement and taking time to reach out to someone. We never know who might be hurting, he explained, so the least we can do for others is be a positive presence and lighten someone’s day.

After a celebratory meal, Victor continued with an afternoon programme. He focused on values such as unity, fellowship, acceptance, service and accountability, and the need to uphold these to inspire and encourage those around us.

All in all, it was a reminder to all of us that it is important to step away from our busy lives, remember those we love, care about those around us and live according to values that matter as that is how a greater and more tolerant society is built.


Kristiana Geide


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