Join Us For a Celebration

You are invited to Swansea Seventh-day Adventist Church for a celebration of past, present and future. Join us for memories and music – buffet will follow the programme. Wrap up warm (last meeting at the old church building on Sketty Cross).

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*UPDATE A pdf file of the A5 poster has been uploaded so you can print off your own copy to invite friends – offline 🙂

1 thought on “Join Us For a Celebration

  • Swansea Church was a cold building – often the roof would leak and you would see bowls in the aisle – the pigeons would mess up the front – and you could clearly see the building sinking in the ground. Some even thought it was a derelict building but as you opened the front door you felt the warmth of the folks there – you were greeted at the door by a firm handshake – You look at the people there and diversity came to mind – Welsh, English, Jamaican, Filipino, African, Indian and the list goes on. They came in prams, push chairs, with walking stick and zimmer frames. You wonder what it would be like but when they young people raised the roof with their music you felt the joy in your heart and you gave glory to God for leading you to that old derelict building. The worship and praise lifted you up so high that you felt you could touch the big cracks high up on the walls. They gave you good advice on temperance but how could you resist the delicious pot luck lunch every week! The camaraderie among the young people was amazing – watching them grow and looking out for each other was the epitome of Christian love. No little groups or cliques just one group sharing the love of Christ. The new university students came every year and were made part of the group. The not so young would mix and chat and support each other in times of troubles .What a wonderful place to be on a Sabbath. Thank you Lord from bringing me to Swansea Church and for the wonderful experience of feeling so close to you there. And may the next Swansea Church be even better and bigger and blessed by our awesome God.

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