BUC Youth Congress 2015

Teens and young people from across the British Isles gathered together in Chalfont Saint Giles for worship and fellowship with one another during the long Easter weekend. The total attendance was in excess of 300 including around 20 people from Wales!

The 5 day event, named ‘Reborn’, was certainly a memorable one with seminars and workshops on varying topics ranging from prophecy to personal faith and love. One of the more popular ones were on relationships where Patricia Douglas and her husband shared principles on dating, finding the ‘right one’, how to know when you’re really in love and other hot topics. Other seminars dealt with topics such as impacting your community, social networking and developing better habits!

Throughout the weekend we were presented with daily morning and evening messages by excellent guest speakers Pastor Nicardo Delahaye and Sebastien Braxton from the US. One particularly powerful message was the personal testimony of Sebastien Braxton. He shared how God turned his life around from that of crime, gangs and even jail to a life devoted to Christ which inspired many youth to renew their commitment to God!

There was also time for early morning prayer and reflection led by a team from Wales where there was opportunity to share both prayer requests and answers to prayer.

One of the best parts of the weekend, however, was just spending time with each other. We met with youth from right across England, Scotland and Ireland as well as got to know those living in Wales just that little bit better. Free time was spent networking, socialising, playing games, laughing and eating free ice-cream!

The atmosphere was inexhaustibly vibrant and optimistic despite the lack of WiFi and very sparse phone signal which turned out to be a major blessing as it meant more conversations were had and more time was spent together!

Here are some of the thoughts and experiences of some of the attendees from Swansea:

‘It was an amazing experience, learnt so much about God and myself. The sermons and seminars were so relevant and uplifting. Great ‘socialising’ event also.’ Jema Hacuma

‘Awesome. I really had a good time. Met new people and enjoyed every bit of it. The sermons and workshops were on point.’ Owen Santo

‘Reborn and lifted in spirit. Feeling refreshed and ready to let God lead.’ Nelly Ikachana

‘Reborn was a thought provoking experience that has challenged my own personal relationship with God and allowed me to gain answers to questions in my life. There was a very social aspect to the conference where I have made lifelong friends.’ Tyler Gordon

‘A blessed weekend, feel spiritually renewed (reborn). Found a new appreciation and understanding of scripture.’ Wallace Junior

Overall a very enriching Easter Weekend was had with some sad goodbyes for another 4 years when the next youth congress is to take place. Though there is always the 2017 Trans-European Youth Congress in Spain to look forward to..!



Kristiana Geide

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