A New Style of Service

A New Style of Service for Swansea Church – by Lily Kidwell

Pastor Jovan Adamovic recently introduced a different way of worship service by starting the morning with the divine service. It is then followed by song service and the Bible study session which is the Sabbath school. It is done on alternate basis and is apparently intended to give church goers the new order of worship which can be more interesting compared to the traditional way. We are slowly getting used to it and this article will also inform some visitors who may be coming to Swansea Church. We continue to have mini potluck fellowship lunch.

Our stay at Holy Trinity church is giving us another spiritual experience. We are ever so grateful to this church organization for accommodating us temporarily while we are waiting for our church to be rebuilt. This short period of time is allowing our members to reach out into the community more. As we do not have the convenience of having the afternoon program (because of the limited time we have at the church) recently some outreach programs has been started. One Sabbath day, our young people conducted Kidz Time at the community centre whilst other members went to sing at the local nursing home. I must admit that it is really good to be in close proximity to Parkway nursing home which means we could now visit the residents more often. It is inspiring to see the elderly joining us singing hymns and even asking us to sing their favourite hymns like ’Amazing Grace’.

Last Sabbath, 26th of February, many of our members went two by two s into the community to distribute some leaflets whilst others stayed at the church and did some Bible studies and discussions as well as spent some time praying. During the same day some of our youth joined some groups from other churches, went to the Liberty stadium to collect money and raised funds for Marie Curie cancer care. They raised quite a good sum of money for such a good cause. Our youth have been involved with other church s youth since the beginning of the Afterglow*. There are variety of programs that are being held in different venues. They have also invited guests to the meetings at Ty Tawe centre in the past. Sports evenings are arranged during the week ensuring that they have a good variety of activities for the young people. On Sunday, 27th February, the youth did an organized walk from Mumbles to Langland and beyond that Gower coastal path. It has been a beautiful spring day and Pastor Jovan said that everyone who joined the walk had a good time. As the summer is only round the corner there will be more regular outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy together like small groups.

Another outreach that is ongoing is the ministry to the  displaced people  in Swansea. Irving Saunders and others regularly meet up with the people at the centre. Some of us are also raising funds to help a church school in the Philippines which is struggling financially. It is good to be part of this project.

Our health team are also in the process of some intense preparation for the CHIP** program and there have been some organized events held at the community centre and other places to inform people of what the program is all about. People have attended to have their health checks and advice given by the health professionals from the church.

In the past few months we are also blessed to have new additions to our congregations. Some babies were born during the recent months and it is so wonderful to see many more children coming to Sabbath school learning about Jesus and His love. We are also very privileged to have some university students worshipping with us.

There are many more activities planned for the future like the women s ministries involvement with the ‘Race for Life’. Jacqui Jones invites everyone to join in this important charity event, also for some fun and fitness purposes.

While writing this short article I remember a preacher spoke about we as a church have to be out in the community to help others and to help make a difference in the life of others. Let us hope that Swansea Church will continue to be instrumental in God’s work. Let us encourage one another!


*AfterGlow, www.agswansea.org

**CHIP – The Coronary Health Improvement Project, www.SwanseaCHIP.org